Thanks for visiting my bio! My name is Samuel Schoeniger, but you can call me Schoeny. I’m an American photographer with a preference for the outdoors, and I focus primarily on landscapes and lifestyle. 

While I have only been photographing for several years, I have spent more than a decade enthusiastically exploring the wilderness and chasing waterfalls around Northeast Ohio and beyond. My work has been featured in Ohio-based nature and travel blogs like Natural Ohio, My Ohio Adventure, and Ohio Explored

I enjoy capturing playful and authentic images, I geek out over natural light, and I love traveling and learning about different cultures and perspectives. In my "free" time I can usually be found hiking, biking, climbing or skateboarding. 

As much as I love Ohio (as well as my friends and family who live in Ohio), I'll be spending the summer traveling the American Western where I will ultimately relocate to. As John Muir once said, "the mountains are calling and I must go".